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Cupid`s Kiss Flavored Coffee

My Shop Coffee

  • $10.20


Let Cupid`s Kiss brew an enticing atmosphere; with each sip of My Shop Coffee`s gourmet coffee, you`ll romance your senses with the flavors of buttery French caramel, rich Swiss chocolate, and toasted Southern pecans. After one cup of Cupid`s Kiss flavored coffee, you`ll be hooked!

My Shop Coffee`s freshly roasted coffee is made with 100% pure Arabica coffee and blended with premium ingredients. This delightful union of flavor is completely irresistible.

Don`t just flirt with the idea; purchase your Cupid`s Kiss flavored coffee today! Enjoy!

This flavored coffee contains nut extract. 

Taste: French Caramel, Swiss Chocolate & Southern Pecan

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