About us

Who We Are.

Founded in 2010, My Shop Coffee is an online Gourmet Coffee and Exotic Tea Cafe located in Escondido, California. My Shop Coffee delivers specialty-grade coffee for all of our patrons.

We are happy to lend a helping hand and guide you through your coffee and tea journey with attentive customer service, and exceptionally fast response time to customer queries. You will find and enjoy selecting from our wonderful variety of gourmet fresh roasted coffees and spectacular teas from around the world.


What We Do.

From the exotic islands of Indonesia, the volcanic region of Kilimanjaro, to the hazy blue peaks of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, My Shop Coffee`s roasters search far and wide to gather the highest quality beans from around the world. Our coffee beans are fresh roasted daily and immediately shipped in heat-sealed valve bags for maximum freshness straight to you. And this is how My Shop Coffee ensure that you receive your coffee in the freshest condition possible.

For those of you who enjoy drinking tea, My Shop Coffee carries a large selection of exotic gourmet teas including special blends of flavored teas as well as a great variety of loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes.


Why We Do It. 

A cup of coffee should be more than just a caffeine jolt; This should be an experience that should be savored one sip after the next. This is why My Shop Coffee is dedicated to providing and supplying our customers with only the best coffee available.


Excellent Customer Service!  

Here at My Shop Coffee, we pride ourselves in being different from other coffee companies. It is very important that each of our customers  is personally treated as an individual when it comes to their orders. My Shop Coffee`s intent is to create personal relationships that will keep you happy and to be a coffee company that you tell your friends about.

Our Customer Service Representatives are on call Monday through Friday 8:30am.- 5:30pm. PST (Pacific Standard Time) to gladly answer all of your questions. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products. Call us at  (714)-801-6759.  Or Email us at  Myshopcoffee@outlook.com. 

 My Shop Coffee will provide you with the highest level of customer service possible because we understand that your time and business is of great value and personal satisfaction!