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Discover the World of Black Tea Loose Leaf

By far, Black Tea Loose Leaf is the most consumed tea in the Western world and it consists of 90% of the tea trade volume. My Shop Coffee would like to add that the most common black teas are found in places like China, where the methods for processing black tea originated.

Black Tea Loose Leaf is also grown in India which supplies a great significant portion of black tea, and in Sri Lanka, which is the worlds leader in tea production.  

My Shop Coffee suggest that you should steep your gourmet black tea at the water`s third boil, or when the water is erupting with bubbles. This will ensure that the full flavor of each black tea will be released. Steep for 3-5 minutes to your desired strength. Although you will notice a color change,  this does not always indicate the flavor. My Shop Coffee recommends taste testing during steeping to generate your desired consistency and flavor. These premium black teas come in many different, loose-leaf blends. Also remember, you will need a tea infuser for single cups! 

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