Single Serve Coffee Cups

My Shop Coffee is excited to bring to you our new line of Single Serve Coffees for use in your Keurig coffee maker or other K-Cup friendly brewing machines. It just got easier, your favorite My Shop Coffee coffees are freshly roasted to order and packed in convenient single serve coffee pods.

My Shop Coffee single serve coffee pods work with most K-Cup coffee brewers including Keurig 2.0 machines. Just like all of our coffees, Our roaster will roast and grind your coffees and fill the single serve pods the same day we ship them so you are guaranteed to have the freshest coffee possible.

Single Serve Coffee Cups:

Single serve coffee makers are a quick and easy way to get your coffee on the run. All you have to do is pop a pad in the machine, hit start, and you have a steaming cup ready to go.