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Jamaican Blue Mountain 'Estate' Coffee

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100% pure certified Jamaica Blue Mountain 'Estate' Coffee is a connoisseurs delight made from the best local blue green-beans. Many will say that it is the Rolls-Royce of coffees as the best in the world. High-grown in a precise geographical location and under specific conditions, these Arabica beans have earned their certification as 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee. Grown as high as 7,000 feet above sea level, these famous coffee beans are one of the world's highest grown coffees. The climate their nurtures these Jamaican beans into perfection with the incessant mist and moderate climate. Due to Jamaica`s idea coffee-growing weather, the soil is rich in nutrients, which helps foster the flavor that makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ultimately awesome. Here at My Shop Coffee, the Blue Mountain Coffee has a full flavor, balance, prominent fruit flavors, acidity and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. A very clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness. So good man..., and indulge to its perfection. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee delivers subtle acidity and a smooth chocolate finish leaving not a single trace of bitterness.



As one of the highest quality coffees available, Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown at heights of 5,000 feet. This full-bodied coffee is lightly roasted to allow the natural flavors to shine through. From the region of St. Andrews, Jamaica brings you a coffee fused with hints of chocolate that is rich, well-balanced, and lowly acidic.

  • Roast: Medium Roast  
  • Body: Mild Body
  • Origins: Jamaica 

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Jamaica`s Best !!

I must say, this is one of the best tasting coffees that I have ever tasted.
Great aroma smell and smooth.