Flavored Teas

My Shop Coffees flavored teas are made from a high quality loose-leaf Chinese Ceylon Black Tea that has been scented with calendula petals. We hand blend a fragrant hint of flavor into the loose leaf tea bringing you a wonderfully scented, amazingly aromatic, delicious tasting flavored tea.

Take a deep breath and savor the enticing aroma knowing that these flavored teas are just 2 little calories. Fresh and flavorful, delightfully fragrant, you might just forget this flavored tea is good for you!

Flavored tea is a simple change you can make in your life that will make a big difference. The plan is no sacrifice and lots of reward! No more drinking things that have unnatural ingredients that you can't pronounce. Start treating yourself to Gourmet Flavored Tea!

Go ahead and indulge! My Shop Coffee aims to bring you the finest flavored tea possible. These gourmet scented teas are in loose-leaf form.