Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' Coffee gourmet coffees and teas

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  • $8.50


For well over 7 decades, the Colombian Coffee Federation has been one of the world`s most popular and achieved organizations that support more than half a million Colombian coffee farmers. This could be a great part of why Columbia produces rich, gourmet coffee that is the highest grade and quality. The Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde coffee is hand harvested and immediately processed using a washing method that removes the pulp and skin from the bean while the fruit is still fresh. These beans are then soaked to loosen the excess pulp and washed again. Here at My Shop Coffee, our Colombia Supremo is light-medium roasted to perfection to create a brew that yields a heady aroma, a very rich flavor, and a superb balance of body and acidity.

  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Body: Smoothly Balanced
  • Acidity: Lightly Sweet
  • Origins: Columbia


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