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Breakfast Blend Coffee

My Shop Coffee

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" Just 5 more minutes..."

My Shop Coffee knows you`ve got a lot on your plate when you wake up: Your morning probably starts out with a regular routine, children, pets, food an all, getting everyone out the door, and of course you have to get to work. My Shop Coffee has that perfect morning boost of energy to help you along? If that`s what you need then you`ll want to try our Breakfast Blend Coffee!

This awesome crafted blend starts with a South American base and combines with beans from around the world to give you a perfectly proportioned cup. Well balanced and flavorful, this coffee is bold enough to get you out of bed... but you just might want to drink it all day, too!


This blend is a medium roast of Central American coffees that brew into a soft, mellow cup with a medium body and light acidity. With bold and delightful flavors of caramel and hints of chocolate, this blend is quite unique, just like its name. 

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