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Connoisseur Estates Blend Coffee

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My Shop Coffee brings you this truly exceptional coffee, Connoisseur Estates is the ultimate coffee for any and every true blue coffee drinker. This coffee was designed in mind with the ideas of what makes a spectacular cup coffee experience, this Connoisseur Estates blend is a mix of African and Indonesian beans. With a mild hint of tang, this flavor is full-bodied but delightfully smooth. If aroma is what you look for as a coffee connoisseur, then the Connoisseur Estates blend provides a spicy bouquet that is sure to awaken your senses and make you say "Now that`s what coffee`s supposed to smell like."

Here at My Shop Coffee, we believe that every coffee lover is a connoisseur - always looking for the best in flavor, quality beans, and a fulfilling experience from the first drop in your coffee mug to the last sip at the end of the morning. Connoisseur Estates is a distinctive blended brew, but it is well-loved even by those new to drinking coffee. This blend receives across the board acknowledgment as being a tasty and rewarding beverage experience.


This Blend of Arabian, African, and Indonesian coffee make up a compelling and undeniably distinctive cup that is light-medium roasted and light-bodied. With just the right amount of acidity, this smoothly balanced blend brews into a full flavored coffee blend that is slightly spicy.   

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