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Deluxe Chocolate Lover`s Gift Set

My Shop Coffee

  • $93.99

Experience the Ultimate Chocolate and Coffee Pairing

Satisfy all those chocolate cravings with My Shop Coffees NEW Deluxe Chocolate Lover's Gift Set. This set is available in both regular and decaf, this gift set will keep you or that special someone in chocolate bliss for days to come. With half-pound bags of TWELVE of our best-selling chocolate flavored coffees, your taste buds will be happier than ever.

Enjoy the tantalizing flavors of milk chocolate and tart raspberries in our Chocolate Raspberry and the bittersweet flavors found in our Dark Chocolate. Our refreshing Chocolate Mint will brighten your day while our Chocolate Macadamia Nut is sweet and toasty. Revel in the chocolate and coconut flavors in our German Chocolate Cake while the rich taste of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and silky cream blend together for our iconic French Silk.

For something to lift your spirits, we've included our Mudslide with flavors of chocolate, cream, and Mexican liqueur; our Chocolate Irish Cream with milk chocolate and the smooth flavors of whiskey and cream in our Irish Cream; and our heady Bourbon Truffle with flavors of Kentucky bourbon and gourmet chocolate.

We round out the dozen chocolaty coffees including our Chocolate Strawberry with flavors of milk chocolate and juicy strawberries; Peanut Butter Cup with creamy peanut butter dipped in milk chocolate; and, last but not least, our Chocolate Island which beautifully blends flavors of tropical coconut and milk chocolate.

Whether you keep this gift set for yourself or give it to someone special is entirely up to you. Enjoy our Deluxe Chocolate Lover's Gift Set today.

  • Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate Flavored Coffee
  • Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavored Coffee
  • German Chocolate Cake Flavored Coffee
  • Mudslide Flavored Coffee
  • Chocolate Strawberry Flavored Coffee
  • Chocolate Irish Cream Flavored Coffee
  • French Silk Flavored Coffee
  • Chocolate Island Flavored Coffee
  • Bourbon Truffle Flavored Coffee
  • Peanut Butter Cup Flavored Coffee 

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