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French Roast Coffee

My Shop Coffee

  • $10.00


Here at My Shop Coffee, we want to let you know that this special blend of Indonesian coffee beans is darkly roasted to create our delicious French Roast. My Shop Coffee`s roastmaster has perfected a roast that enhances the boldness, yet reduces the acidity to give you a much more flavorful blend that does not seem bitter. Our French Roast brews into a full-bodied cup with smoky overtones and bittersweet notes.

Transport to the small cafes` of Paris when you brew our French Roast coffee blend!


This Blend of coffee is darkly roasted to produce a heavy body with smoky overtones. With a medium brightness, this French Roast has little acidity, but offers a bold flavor that will leave your taste buds feeling bittersweet and satisfied!

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