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Galata Kulesi Cuvee Coffee

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Here at My Shop Coffee, our Galata Kulesi Cuvee is a medium-roasted coffee giving it a light body with a very fragrant aroma. Known as an earthy coffee. This Galata Kulesi Cuvee has a rustic nature and superior balance. Each sip possesses hints of fruity undertones and a slightly astringent finish.

Galata Kulesi received its name from the historical tower in Istanbul, Turkey, Since 509 A.D. this architectural landmark has held the story of a widespread legend. According to popular belief, the "first flight" was taken in the 1600's. A man made artificial wings and leapt from the tower, which resulted in a six kilometer flight to the town of Uskudar. Since the flight was proven successful, the tower became a popular part of Turkish culture. Still standing today, the Galata Kulesi tower has survived harsh weathering, political turmoil, hostile conflicts, and it has avoided destruction.

Just like the tower and the legend, this Galata Kulesi Cuvee will be a superior coffee that has a lasting flavor and aroma. Shipped to you in a healed-sealed valve bag. Galata Kulesi Cuvee Coffee will arrive absolutely fresh. Enjoy!


The Galata Kulesi Cuvee is light-medium roasted to provide a full, rich body with a medium brightness and high acidity. With subtle, fruity and floral flavors, this superior coffee offers a twist on our selection of earthy coffees.  

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