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Marrakesh Blend Coffee

My Shop Coffee

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My Shop Coffee has captured the essence of the Marrakesh Market in our blend. We start with high-quality Arabica beans that have been roasted dark to a velvety smooth standard. The Marrakesh Blend is a hearty cup with complex flavors and surprising spicy aftertaste that is reminiscent of the spices sold in the market place. It is with the Marrakesh spirit that we created this blend to help you celebrate life.

Marrakesh is the largest open-air market in the world. It's truly a remarkable sight; you can find almost anything there! The endless variety of sights, colors, sounds, and smells is an feast for the senses that should be experienced at least once in your life. Although you might not be able to go to Marrakesh, we hope that you'll enjoy the Marrakesh Blend, an excellent gourmet coffee blend from My Shop Coffee!


Delicately blended, these Arabica coffee beans roast to a medium-dark state in our rotisserie to produce smoky undertones and a surprisingly spicy bite. With medium brightness and body, Marrakesh Blend is very reminiscent to the spices of the Moroccan market. 

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