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Reggae Blend Coffee

My Shop Coffee

  • $10.55


Here at My Shop Coffee, I don't think there is anything that washes away the troubles quite like listening to Reggae music...except of course, drinking My Shop Coffee Reggae Blend coffee.

Reggae blend coffee combines Central and South American beans that have been roasted to their perfect point and blended together. The Brazilian Santos offers this blend a great aroma and a lingering finish, allowing you to enjoy it before the cup even touches your lips and for a moment longer even after it's gone.

Try Reggae Blend from My Shop Coffee. It will be shipped to you in a heat sealed valve bag the very same day you worries mon. so good mon!


Central and South American coffee beans have been combined and roasted to a light-medium state to create a medium-bodied coffee that has a fantastic aroma and lingering finish. With slight undertones of caramel and chocolate, this blend proves perfect for the mild palate.

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