Decaf Espresso

My Shop Coffee offers you two amazing decaffeinated Espresso`s to choose from. You may be thinking, isn`t a decaf espresso an oxymoron ?" No! it certainly is not, and let me explain to you why. "Espresso" is a combination of things; a special brewing method of forcing water through tightly packed coffee that is usually a single serving, and the beans, which are a special rich dark roast.

These beans have been decaffeinated in their green, or raw, state prior to roasting...that is importing to know! Here at My Shop Coffee, you will have 100% of the espresso aroma, strong caramel flavor and long finish that you would get with our regular blend without the caffeine.

Espresso does not have any more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee just because it tastes stronger, it`s condensed so you have more flavor in a smaller cup, but not more actual caffeine. My Shop Coffee`s Decaf Espresso has only 1/40 of the caffeine yet the entire flavor you have come to love.

Now you can enjoy the tradition of Espresso without the worry, because My Shop Coffee has you covered!