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Organic Colombia `Mesa de los Santos` Coffee

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Known for it`s exceptional quality and taste, Organic Columbia `Mesa de los Santos` coffee is dedicated to preserving the natural habitat that surrounds each organic coffee plantation and to providing consumers with an environmentally conscious coffee. Certified by Biolatina, an international organization in charge of organic certifications. Cafe Organico Mesa de los Santos is grown and processed with out any chemical interference; It is also defended by migratory birds and protected from the heat by a thick canopy of banana trees. Smooth and light with a crisp, clean finish and no bitter aftertaste, you'll enjoy every sip of this delicious organic coffee that has been directly nourished by nature.



High-grown in the Andean Region of Colombia, Mesa De Los Santos proves its excellence as a medium roast coffee that has low acidity and light body. Once brewed, this coffee is said to produce slightly sweet notes of fruit essences such as orange or papaya.

Roast: Medium

Body: Light

Acidity: Low


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