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Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair Trade Coffee

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Here at My Shop Coffee, we suggest that if you would like a smooth medium roasted coffee with a warm and resonating flavor, then you'll be pleased with this organic Ethiopian coffee. Grown in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia, My Shop Coffee's Ethiopia Sidamo is an Arabica bean varietal that has been certified Organic and Fair-Trade. Discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, these coffee beans are known and loved for their unique flavor. With a mild spicy kick and a wine-like essence that finishes with a floral aroma, this clean tasting coffee glides over your palate with an almost sweet aftertaste. Hand harvested and dry processed, this coffee has a very unique flavor profile that you will thoroughly enjoy. So go for it! and treat yourself to the goodness of purity of this refined gourmet coffee. 


Naturally processed, Organic Ethiopia Sidamo produces a soft and light body when brewed. Medium-light roasted, this Fair-Trade coffee is light-bodied with a floral-like aroma. Combined with flavors of spice and wine, this Ethiopian coffee illustrates the exotic.

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