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Angel Falls Mist Tisane

My Shop Coffee

  • $13.25


Here at My Shop Coffee, this Angels Falls Mist Tisane contains rosehips, hibiscus leaves, strawberry, and lemon. Angel Falls Mist Tisane is not only an amazing drink when you sip it warm from a teacup, but also it is just as delicious poured over ice and sipped on a hot summer day. Your family can enjoy the taste of Angel Falls Mist Tisane, hot or cold, and you`ll feel great knowing that you are benefiting their bodies with each and every sip with a refreshing flavor each and every time.

Please make sure that you take advantage of the money saving opportunity by clicking the 2 lb. bag option at checkout. Our wholesale sized 2 lb. bags will keep you well stocked and will save you money. Angel Falls Mist Tisane will delight you with great taste but the real surprise is in the wholesale 2 lb. pricing, make sure to check it out! Angel Falls Mist Tisane!

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