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Ceylon Supreme Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea

My Shop Coffee

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A little history from My Shop Coffee, this black tea originated from Uva, Sri Lanka. Ceylon Supreme Flowery Orange has a rolled and round curly leaf, which makes it one of the most precious gourmet black teas grown in the western areas of the island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon).

The term Pekoe suggests that this grade of tea has many single, whole tea-leaves of a specific size. Flowery orange pekoe means that this is a high quality tea with few tips. Do not expect an orange flavor in this tea; its name refers to the fact that these leaves have a golden orange hue when picked, providing a brew with a heavy body and dark liquor. Here at My Shop Coffee this Ceylon Supreme Flowery Orange Pekoe black, loose-leaf tea is an exceptional gourmet tea. Its bright, mild and long lasting aroma is sure to please you. Discover for yourself why so many customers keep coming back for more! m

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