China Black Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea

China Black Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea

My Shop Coffee

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My Shop Coffee's China Black Gourmet Tea originates from Anhui, in east-central China, and it classifies as a black whole leaf blend tea. The dry leaf is dark black and partially open. This is a gourmet tea of excellent quality and value with dark liquoring.

Chinese Black Tea can retain its flavor for several years unlike green tea which can lose its flavor within a year. this made it an excellent choice for exporting. In the earlier eras this China Black Tea was compressed into bricks to serve as a form of currency.

My Shop Coffee's Flowery orange pekoe is a high quality tea with a long leaf and a few tips. The FOP stands for "flowery orange pekoe" which refers to the color of the leaves and not the flavor. It is considered first grade in the China tea grading system and is an excellent choice for black tea.

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