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China Magnolia Oolong Tea

My Shop Coffee

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Here at My Shop Coffee, this is among the most famous of Chinese teas, the Oolong Tea, also known as the black dragon tea because of its dark, long, and curled-leaf appearance. Oolong is a powerful, yet natural anti-oxidant with lots of flavor. Grown on the mountainous landscape of northern Fujian, Chinese Oolong is the official tea used in the 400 year-old ancient Chinese Fujian Tea Ceremony; this ceremony takes place for the sole purpose of celebrating the art of tea and the tea itself.m

My Shop Coffee has gone one step further to ensure that you Oolong tea drinking experience is even more pleasurable by adding magnolia essences. Once imbued with magnolia and steeped, this Oolong tea offers extraordinary benefits both in taste and health; the complement to each other is flawless! 


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