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Chinese Hyson Green Tea

My Shop Coffee

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My shop Coffee`s Chinese Hyson Green Tea originated from the Anhui Province in China. Since this green tea was so popular during the 18th Century, the British Tea Tax was higher for this particular variety above the others. Harvested before the rains, Chinese Hyson carries a delicious, earthy flavor. Hyson translates to "Flourishing Spring," it was named Flourishing Spring because this varietal has a fresh green character much like the budding leaves during the springtime.

This young Hyson green tea is high-grade and has a green-tinted body and smooth-tasting liquor. Extract the best flavors out of the tea leaves by boiling water and steeping the tea at temperatures less than 180 degrees. Here at My Shop Coffee, we want to remind you that steeping tea for too long may cause bitterness. Use one teaspoon per 6'oz cup of water. 

Served hot, Chinese Hyson does not typically require milk or sugar, however, it can be served cold with a garnish of lemon or lime. 


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