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Here at My Shop Coffee, we want to share with you that nearing the top of list of the world`s finest Arabica coffees is our Decaffeinated Kenya "AA". The Coffee Board of Kenya realizes the quality of coffee they are capable of making and they have strict guidelines in place to grow the best beans possible. The "AA" denotes the size,shape and density of the bean. It is a well-known fact that the largest "AA" bean is going to produce more treasured oils to give your coffee the fabulous aroma and intense flavor. You will find Decaf Kenya AA Coffee to have full body, delicate acidity with a smooth wine-like flavor. It presents a gentle floral fragrant aroma with overtones of berries and citrus. We offer Kenya AA in 5'lb. wholesale bags to save you money! Keep yourself in good supply while protecting the environment by using less packaging. Enjoy!


The medium-roasted, Kenyan coffee is denoted by the grade AA, meaning it is large in size as well as flavor. With a sharp acidity and a bold and heavy body, Decaf Kenya AA is layered with hints of fruit, giving it a complex sweetness and pungent aroma. 

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