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Decaf Mocca Java Blend Coffee

My Shop Coffee

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My Shop Coffee`s decaffeinated Mocca-Java blend combines the brilliant Ethiopian Longberry and the treasured Java Blawan Estate. It offers a pungent brew with a floral, aromatic aroma along with a heavy body,perfect acid balanced and hints of bittersweet chocolate. Nothing here is missing, except of course for the caffeine and the jitters! Relax in the taste of My Shop Coffee`s wonderful Mocca-Java coffee blend as you enjoy its richness. So delicious...and now you are ready to begin your day.

You won`t be thinking deja-brew with this cup of coffee. It`s like nothing you`v tasted before! Go ahead and let yourself escape with My Shop Coffee`s decaffeinated Mocca-Java coffee blend. A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure you the freshest coffee blend possible. Decaf Mocca Java will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Decaf Mocca Java is a perfect companion for your favorite coffee mug.


My Shop Coffee`s Decaf Mocca-Java blend combines Ethiopian and Indonesian Arabica bean coffees to create a masterful mixture of smoky flavor and light, floral aroma. Medium-dark roasted, this heavy-bodied, caffeine-free blend has medium brightness that balances acidity and the hints of bittersweet chocolate. 

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