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Formosa Oolong Tea

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My Shop Coffee shares with you a little history. Oolong tea gets its name from the Chinese word wu-lung, meaning "Black dragon," because it represents a cross between green and black tea.

Formosa Oolong teas are produced in Taiwan, and they yield the largest quantity of Oolong in the world. While still growing, the leaves are sometimes intentionally and slightly bruised to stimulate the fermentation process. Tea artisans that are waiting for the perfect blend of red and green leaves watch over them carefully. Leaves are then plucked  as the sun rises and are laid out to wither in the hot sun. The leaves are expertly graded and passed through strict quality control for packaging.

Gaining more and more popularity in the US, Formosa Oolong tea might possibly turn out to be your new favorite! This full-bodied, refreshing tea has a fruity -sweet aroma and flavor to match. Give your body something rejuvenating while enjoying a flavorful cup of tea.  

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