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Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

My Shop Coffee

  • $10.20


Here at My Shop Coffee, Hazelnut flavored coffee is a long time favorite. There are no other flavored coffees that satisfies so many tastes! Toasted, scrumptious hazelnut aroma lingers within the flavor of our freshly roasted Arabica gourmet coffee to bring you this special treat, time and time again. Universally appealing, Hazelnut flavored coffee is the perfect choice for parties, catered events, or at the office. The aroma will draw your guests to the coffee pot for a deep breath of the irresistible scent of toasted hazelnut. Your Hazelnut flavored coffee will arrive in a heat-sealed valve bag to ensure the freshest coffee. Your coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy! 

This flavored coffee contains nut extract. 

Taste: Hazelnuts & Gourmet Coffee

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