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Organic Dominican Republic `Santo Domingo` Coffee

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This is one of those coffees by My Shop Coffee alongside others, often referred to as “The Treasure of the Caribbean” this organic coffee from Santo Domingo is definitely one of the best kept secrets of the region.

Many people in Santo Domingo make a living from the production of coffee, so strict measures are taken to ensure quality and standards are upheld. Most coffee is grown on small farms and is tended to by devoted farmers and their families who greatly benefit from its production.

The climate is ideal for coffee trees; the nearby ocean brings about cool trade winds and cloud cover that protects the trees from excessive sunlight and fosters a humid environment so the trees and the coffee cherries mature slowly. The unique tastes exhibited by the coffee come from the rich soil of the mountainous regions in which the trees are planted. Medium-bodied and well balanced, this gourmet coffee contains a unique complexity in each sip. Enjoy a cup today with My Shop Coffee!

Roast: Light-medium

Body: Heavy

Flavor: Soft and mild


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