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Organic French Roast Coffee

My Shop Coffee

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My Shop Coffee's philosophy is that Organic integrity begins with production, and this is why we ensure that every single coffee bean in our Organic French Roast is grown, harvested, and processed with environmentally favorable practices; We can guarantee you that there are no man-made chemicals or pesticides used to grow the coffee trees or to process the coffee beans. Because our roasters are Certified Organic Handlers, you can rest assured that from the fields to our roastery, these organic coffee beans are handled properly. Dark roasted to perfection. My Shop Coffee's Organic French Roast is full of delicious flavor and enticing aroma. With a light acidity, this coffee leaves a delightful bittersweet essence behind. No matter what time of the day it is, you'll enjoy the delectable flavors that this specialty coffee offers.


Certified organic, this blend of coffee is darkly roasted to produce a heavy body with smoky overtones. With a medium brightness, this Organic French Roast has little acidity, but offers a bold flavor that will leave your taste buds feeling bittersweet and satisfied! Go ahead and try a cup!

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