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Organic Timor Fair Trade Coffee

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Here is a little history of this great tasting coffee. On the tiny island of Timor, over seven thousand small farmers work to provide Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee. The island is split in two, with Indonesia claiming the west side and East Timor, a small independent nation, inhabiting the rest. My Shop Coffee would like to add that the gourmet coffee from Timor is unique because virtually all of the farmers grow organic coffee. However, since the coffee is grown on small farms, the farmers have banded together into 16 cooperatives and 494 small-scale farmer groups to improve their production capacity. This way, they can work together to operate the mills necessary to wet-process the small, greenish-yellow coffee beans. Harvested during the North American summer and exported during Autumn, Timor coffee is freshly imported. It's shade-grown coffee from the Cooperativa Cafe' Timor, established in 2000. We know you'll love Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee!

Taste: Spicy and Herbal

Acidity: Good

Body: Excellent

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