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Mexico 'Spirit of Aztec' Coffee

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Mexico`s "Spirit of Aztex" coffee is "Altura Pluma", which means high grown and designates the finest coffee of Mexico, In order to qualify for "excellence" which is labeled Altura, the coffee must be grown at least 4,000 feet. Coatepec, called the capitol of coffee in Mexico, is located in Veracruz. Gabriel Mathew de Clieu, a French Naval Officer, played the vital role in the history of Mexican coffee. He managed to acquire a descendant of a coffee tree giving to King Louis XIV of France, and he made it his duty to take the tree to his estate on Martinique. During the voyage, the miraculous tree survived Tunisian pirates, violent storms, dangerously covetous passengers, and not to mention, a deficit of fresh water. However, it arrived safely in Martinique where it flourished. Here at My Shop Coffee , our Mexico `Spirit of the Aztec` is a flavor that is mild and sweet with a wonderful bouquet. Get ready to experience the wonders of Mexico coffee.  



This high-grown, Mexican coffee is found in the region of Oaxaca. After harvesting, the coffee beans are wet-processed embodying nutty undertones of the soil. We roast the beans to medium-light which produces a medium-bodied coffee that is winy with slight tones of chocolate and a light acidity.



  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Body: Light Body
  • Origins: Oaxaca 

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