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Papua New Guinea Coffee

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This Indonesian coffee here at My Shop Coffee is cultivated and harvested in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea alongside the Wahgi River. At elevations in excess to 4,000 feet, this area is also home to the Albizia trees that were discovered in the 1930s; grown on just a few acres on the riverbank, the Albizia trees allow these coffee beans to capture their fruit-like essences to bring you a truly unique flavor. The Roasters at My Shop Coffee, light-medium roast each small batch of Papua New Guinea coffee to produce a smooth-tasting and well-balanced cup with a crisp finish. Try a cupping of this gourmet coffee to experience the complex flavors of this exotic region. It is a truly enjoyable experience.

  • Roast: Light-medium
  • Body : Mild-medium
  • Acidic : Sweet 

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