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Guatemala Antigua Coffee

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The Antigua Valley of Guatemala is treasured for its 100-year-old farms, nutrient-rich volcanic soil and its coffee, which is the touchstone of quality. Farmers take enormous pride in traditions they've passed on for generations. It is in this climatically diverse region that you will find the local farmers growing some of the world's finest coffee. This region is perfect for cultivating coffee, with ample rainfall, elevations reaching 4,600 feet, and a constant humidity of 65%, it makes absolute sense for coffee to be the number one industry in Guatemala. Here at My Shop Coffee , you will find that this highly rated and well-known  gourmet coffee is light-medium roasted to brew into full-bodied coffee with unique smokey and chocolatey undertones, Richly complex and well-balanced, this gourmet coffee from Guatemala has hints of spice in the finish that will please the senses. As a result, the coffee you experience is rich and multidimensional, with a flavor that's consistent, cup after cup. It is why we love this coffee back then, and why we love it today.  

  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Body: Full
  • Texture: Rich
  • Origins: Antigua Valley

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