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Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee

My Shop Coffee

  • $10.99


Indulge in a customer favorite, with My Shop Coffee's Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee! Grown in the heart of the Indonesian island chain, Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee has several of the characteristics of Sumatran coffees; however, it's a completely different and unique experience that must be tried! Sulawesi coffee is a direct descendant of Arabica coffee varietals found in Yemen, so it has that same exotic flavor that's loved by so many all over the world! Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee is a full-bodied, medium-light roasted coffee. You'll notice the flavors of cinnamon and spice accentuating the aftertaste, coupled with the light acidity and smoothness of body. Try the Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee today; it is fresh-roasted from My Shop Coffee just for you!

  • Roast: Medium-light
  • Body: Full
  • Acidity: Light


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